36 Days Of Type at Buzzbar

Learnings from the design challenge that’s taken over Instagram

Our graphic design team decided to ‘enter’ ‘36 Days of Type’ this year. 36DOT  is the open brief, hosted on Instagram, that challenges designers to come up with creative typefaces and fonts every day for just over a month.

We sat down (via Zoom call, of course) with Buzzbar’s own Matt Laurence to talk through his approach, process, and learnings.

How did you decide on the image you wanted?

“I prefer to treat the entire 36 days as one collection, rather than a sequence of individual letter posts. This meant coming up with a consistent art style/direction so each letter could follow a strict set of rules

  • 12-colour palette
  • Even distribution of colours
  • No more than 6 colours to 1 image
  • Even distribution of minimal and heavy detail images

Deciding which image I was creating for each letter meant constantly being on the lookout, both in the digital and real-world, so I had a stack of inspiration by the time I got down to actually making something. Then out of the options I tried, there was generally a clear winner / personal favourite that made it to the final collection.”

What does the process of creating a design look like?

"Choose your letter...

36 days type blog_Choose letter

Does it look like something? Can you draw any inspiration from the outside world?

36 days type blog_Does it look like

... could you redraw the letter differently?"

36 days type blog_Can it be redrawn

Which one is your favourite and why?

“It’s bittersweet, but probably ‘B’ or ‘O’ because they remind me of all the holidays I’m going to take (next) year!”

What did you learn while doing the project?

“Inspiration is everywhere. It’s amazing how much inspiration you can find for something as simple as a letter in everyday life. If you’re looking, that is…

Through the lens of 36 Days of Type, you can suddenly find letterforms in boring everyday objects and places you never would have thought to look. It’s something I try and do as much as possible in my day-to-day design work, as well.” 

What advice do you have for people when creating graphic illustrations?

“Think about where the graphic is being displayed. Different mediums lend themselves to differnt styles and knowing which is being utilised helps the designer give you the best advice."

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