Introducing... 'Brain, Body And Business'

Introducing... 'Brain, Body And Business'

We're starting a movement...

Introducing... 'Brain, Body And Business'

All our mornings just got a little different...let's make them a lot more awesome. 

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The Buzzbar team is working remotely with clients, and people are pivoting and adapting. We're here to help you keep things moving.

Introducing 'Brain, Body and Business' (#BrainBodyBusiness); your daily 30-minute opportunity to centre yourself, take advantage of the lack of commute time and start the day right during challenging times. 

But why 30?

Two reasons, one, the activities will never take you more than thirty minutes  (most a lot less in fact), and two, we’re offering a 30-minute marketing consultation to help businesses weather the effects of right now and build for tomorrow. From business tips to creativity hacks, #BrainBodyBusiness has got you covered every morning.

Join us, got an idea or a tip? Email me at 

Bookmark this page, set your alarm and get involved! 

The Buzzbar #BrainBodyBusiness List

[DAY 7]

Thanks to the smart folks over at Travel and Leisure you can tour 10+ of the world's best museums. Choose from The Guggenheim, The British Museum and even Musée d’Orsay. Tell us what the best thing you saw was below.


[DAY 6]

Bonjour, ohayō gozaimasu, Zao shang hao and Buenos días! You have 900 minutes a month if you take a 30-minute course every day. Start with @babbel or @duolingo today for the price of a week’s train ticket (remember trains?). What language would you most like to learn?


[DAY 5]

Breakfast with Anna Wintour? Maybe RuPaul? How about Chris Hadfield? You have 80+ guests to choose from thanks to Masterclass. Learn from the best whether you want to write better, cook better or manage people better. #brainbodybusiness


[DAY 4]

Grab your phone! It’s time to doodle thanks to @Natalkadesign! Save the image below or take a screengrab, annotate, and get creative! Submit them to our Twitter @BuzzBarCo with the #brainbodybusiness hashtag – the most creative entry gets a prize!

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[DAY 3]

Time to get up and stretch. Office bum extends to the home, folks! @Shape_magazine has 13 amazing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions you can do at home without much equipment. All about short-bursts of exercise, HIIT is easy and fast to do. Remember to drink lots of water and keep that heart-rate up before you hit the inbox!


[DAY 2]

You might want to save this for lunch but we’re hitting play now on Harry Styles's TDC or Tiny Desk Concert. The playlist is damn good and timed at 19:32 you could also listen to one of the other sessions by Lizzo, Adele, Carle Ray Jepson to newer artists like Another Sky and Ari Lennox.

[DAY 1]

And...away...we...GO! Tidy desk, tidy mind, let's get our desks the most productive they can be with the legend that is @mariekondo. Check out her tips to streamline your desk when she visited the @thepooluk folks. Show us your before and after results on Twitter.

Here's mine...



Check back every day for the next #BrainBodyBusiness activity. We'll also be posting them every day on Twitter and occasionally on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Oh and please share this page into your networks and let's keep people moving. Square


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