Buzzbar client spotlight: Motion Nutrition

Buzzbar client spotlight: Motion Nutrition

In the (client) spotlight this month: Motion Nutrition! Read on for a look at our work with them.

Buzzbar client spotlight: Motion Nutrition

‘Nootropics’ are exploding in popularity, and Motion Nutrition is creating a buzz with 100% organic, free-from, plastic-free, supplements.

Not sure what a nootropic is? Allow us (or rather, them) to explain:

In a literal translation from Greek, nootropic means ‘mind (noos) affecting (tropic)’. Natural nootropics are nutrients or foods that improve one or more aspects of brain function. Think of green tea that gives you that nice sense of higher energy and focus or chamomile that can gently calm you down. Nootropics are also the foods and nutrients that feed your brain, such as B vitamins that are essential nutrients for a healthy and youthful brain, and herbal extracts that can significantly improve your cognitive function and hack your brain’s capacity.

We’ve been working with Motion Nutrition in a number of ways, from logo design through to product photography, and a video content series including customer testimonials. Check out one of the videos we created with them:



Joe Welstead, Motion Nutrition founder, said: "the work we’ve done has been amazing thanks to [Buzzbar’s] speed and creativity. I have been impressed by the video production and photography we’ve completed. Not just another pair of hands, you became a member of the team and understand what we need because you listened and asked different questions."

Men’s Health magazine recently named ‘Power Up’ as the ‘smartest nootropic’. Motion Nutrition also offers a range of organic sports supplements (it was founded by a former international swimmer, after all), vegan protein powder, and organic whey protein powder. We wish we could take credit for their rather eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing packaging design, but we’ll just have to leave it here for you to admire instead.


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