Buzzbar client spotlight: Mr. Start

Buzzbar client spotlight: Mr. Start

A closer look at one of our clients — Shoreditch men's fashion brand Mr. Start

Buzzbar client spotlight: Mr. Start

"Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?" — Derek Zoolander

There is, but dressing snappily never hurt anyone. If sartorial slickness is what you’re after, then look no further than Mr. Start — a client we’ve loved working with ever since they came on board last year.

We first got involved with Mr. Start around the time of the AW19 collection launch, providing art direction and photography for their entire range of menswear staples, from shirts and sweaters to tailored suits and scarves. Our photography team worked directly with the client to bring the collection to life, with Philip — Mr. Start himself — occasionally sneaking into the shots…

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Our involvement didn’t stop there, however. The Buzzbar team provide ongoing social media strategy, email marketing and other omnichannel marketing services, web development, and digital copy in the form of a blog.


We’ve been working with them since 2019, but this East London fashion institution has been in Shoreditch way before the area ever became ‘cool’.

Set up by designer and real-life sharp-dressed man Philip Start in 2002, Mr. Start has called Shoreditch home for more than a decade. Whilst much has changed over the last ten years, they still remain a key player in the East London style scene.

Head on over to and the Mr. Start social media channels to see more of the work we’ve done together.

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