Buzzbar client spotlight: Pip & Nut

Buzzbar client spotlight: Pip & Nut

An inside look at how we're working with natural nut butter pioneers Pip & Nut

Buzzbar client spotlight: Pip & Nut

We're nuts about nut butters, which is why we're loving working with Pip & Nut

We've been working together to produce a shedload of social media content for them, putting our photography and animation expertise, as well as our in-house HILP to good use. We've helped them launch new products, new collaborations, promote seasonal releases, and spruced up their social media with a few well-placed quote-unquote quirky animations:


Fun fact: the 'Pip' part of ‘Pip & Nut’ is a real person! Pip is a peanut butter addict (aren't we all?) who started mixing up her own butters in her kitchen in 2013 — since then, Pip & Nut has grown a fair bit (for one thing, it's no longer made in Pip's kitchen...)

The Pip & Nut range now includes almond varieties; coconut, maple, blueberry and Bakewell tart (yes, Bakewell tart) flavours; nut butter cups; 'squeeze packs' and much more. Desperate to try some? Head over to their online shop (and take a look at our handiwork in the process) or pop into your nearest Holland & Barrett or Sainsbury's—among others—to try some.

super-peanut v2 (1)


Want to see more of our work for Pip & Nut? Take a look at their Instagram profile. If you need a hand bringing your products to life in eye-catching, head-turning, attention-grabbing ways, hit the button below to get in touch or visit to discover more.

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