How To Get Your Marketing For Free At Buzzbar

We’re not talking karma points or virtual high fives either...

We've built Buzzbar on some core principles, but one we rarely talk about is how important being a business that clients are proud to talk about us is to us. Referrals are a crucial way we measure this. Approximately 60% of our business comes from these beauties — not only does this figure warm our hearts, but they are also a key metric of how we monitor our success.

Today we're launching our previously invite-only partner program to the world, and there are two ways you can get involved.

How to get involved

The first is to send people our way and tell us you sent them. Every time you introduce a person to Buzzbar that spends a penny with us, your account (you have to be a customer, natch) will be credited with 30-minutes of time to use whenever you like and on whatever you want. You could even donate the time to a charity if you desire. Just remind the person to tell us you sent them if you don't connect us directly via email.

The second is to become a partner with Buzzbar. Partners get a sexy landing page like the one Tech London Advocates, Silicon Valley Bank, Forward Fooding and 'Be More Pirate' along with a raft of other benefits like event space and OOH advertising.

Partners agree to some promotional commitments, but it's nothing too salacious! As with individual referrals, the time can be used for the group or company or you can donate the time to a charity of your choice. We've worked with conferences, co-working spaces and Facebook support groups! If you'd like to apply to be a partner, drop an email and tell him about your group (size, members etc.) and we'll be right back in touch.

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Recommending good people to our network is just as important to us. We've been busy behind the scenes with our partners to create 'App Offers', which will launch in the Buzzbar app for clients. These offers will feature exclusive access to events and money-saving offers like 20% off pretty much everything at (just use the word 'Buzzbar' at the checkout). Look out for more on this soon!

Thanks for being part of our continuing journey. We're here to help y(our) world.™


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