How to make people fall in love with your brand

Love is in the air, so we thought we'd hit you with some insight onto making people fall head-over-heels for your brand.

Love is in the air, so we thought we'd hit you with some insight onto making people fall head-over-heels for your brand.

We all know that marketing is no longer just about selling your product, but about how you sell the lifestyle behind your product, as well as its personality.

People buy into brands today, not just products, so no matter how good your product is, it won't sell without a proper branding strategy and a hell of a marketing plan.

Some brands that stole our hearts:

  1. Oatly - Oatly's branding is spot-on for millennials, but it's easy to resonate with their tone of voice, regardless of what age you are. They speak like (extremely witty, self-aware) millennials, to millennials. For a lot of people, veganism is a tough nut to crack, but Oatly's messaging makes it feel like no big deal at all.
  2. Monzo - Banking... fun... two words that really shouldn't be in the same sentence, unless that sentence is "banking is not fun". While Monzo's visual branding and ease-of-use make the product attractive, it's their down-to-earth messaging that hooks you in — 'Banking Made Easy'... sounds good to us.
  3. Coca Cola - Coca Cola is a brand that really gets the whole 'lifestyle-not-a-product' thing we mentioned earlier. Did you know that studies show that in a blind testing, Pepsi comes higher in taste? Would you like to guess which one of the two rivals sells better? (hint: it's not Pepsi)
  4. Nike - Why do people choose Nike over Adidas or Reebok? They all have very similar functionality so it can't be because one product is better than the other... It's because Nike is selling a lifestyle more so than the others are. "Just do it" is a widely known tagline that implies that Nike will give you power to do 'it', whatever 'it' may be. Nike doesn't sell trainers, it sells motivation.

So how do you make people fall in love with your brand?

Branding! First and foremost, you need to figure out who your customer is. Even though you might have an idea that you think is worth millions, there's no guarantee that consumers or investors will. Who have you created your product or service for? Put together a few personas and dig deeper in to your target market before you think about the branding. Once you know who your customers are, how they think, and what their values are, you'll be able to think realistically about making your brand appealing to them.

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Before even thinking about the visuals of your brand, ask yourself a few questions: what does my brand represent? What does it value? How is it different from other brands in this market?

Think about your positioning and your mission statement. At Buzzbar we do this in a branding workshop, where we nail down your core values, look at your positioning, what place you'd occupy in consumers minds, and your brand's personality.

Once you have the DNA of your brand, the values and personality, you can move on to think about visual identity, logos, and all the rest of it. Once you have that, then you have a fully-fledged brand, and not just a product that people may or may not want.

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