How You Can Keep Business As Usual When Outside Is Anything But

Looking at Remote Working from a Strategic, Comms and Human perspective.

Many of our clients are understandably asking how to conduct business in the current environment.



With uncertainty being the constant across all industries more than ever at the moment, how do you make the difficult decision between ramping things up and toning things down? The best advice is to be adaptable, be honest, be human...but what does that actually mean? Below are some tips to keep your business running while there are still a lot of unknowns.



It is easy to say, but firstly don't panic.

From a Strategic consideration assume business as unusual, but remember the value you offer. Match this with the likely altered need state of the consumer and think about how exactly does that impact your business? Have things really changed fundamentally? Will they? What is my distribution strategy today versus a week’s time?

Don't abandon your systems or values to chase whatever ball you see other companies chasing. Think specifically about your business; your needs and operations. Situationally adapting is going to mean different things for each company, and only you know what's going to work for you. Don’t just cancel events, for example, move them online with tools like

Work out what you need to maintain, and pivot your strategy on that. Is this the time to be working with a close number of clients on expanding projects, or do you need to be finding a wider audience? Should you personally DM 5 valuable leads or engage in 50 public conversations?

Next, looking at your Communication.

The best rule of thumb is if it feels grubby, it probably is. We advise our clients against being plain opportunistic. You will likely find that harder sales messaging falls on deaf ears, while people try to work out what they need rather than want or can be talked into.

Give more than you take is a smart strategy during this period. Think about how you can help people, rather than how they can help you. Feel the room and act accordingly – you're not going to do your business any favours barging into conversations. Work out the tone and rhythm of WhatsApp chats, Twitter communities and Facebook Groups. Don't be that person who just drops an ad into a group and walks away.

Last but not least, remembering to be Human.

You never know the situation of somebody else, particularly in these times. Nobody is going to be offended with a little genuine informal talk at the beginning of your Zoom meeting, asking how they feel. Dogs, partners, children, uncomfy seats and suspicious coughs all could be at play – understanding their situation enables you to be sensitive to it.


Be honest and don’t feel ashamed. There is no shame in being transparent about how COVID-19 is impacting your business, but cornering clients into work or purchase through guilt is unlikely to spell long-term success.


Even with these tips, the fact remains there is little to compare the situation business owners are finding themselves in - including Buzzbar. As a business that is side-by-side by nature, we love people and know that things just work better when you can sit with someone and talk it through. Business as unusual for the foreseeable future is certain but it doesn’t have to be the final chapter. Buzzbar is here to help however we can. We’re offering a free 30-minute consultation to new customers and existing clients alike. Tell us what you’re going through and we’ll figure out a way to help. Together let’s keep Britain moving.



Downloaded our real world guide to remote working yet? It’s available here, share wildly too and full disclosure no gifs were harmed in the making of this guide.


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