Introducing the Buzzbar Virtual Office Package!

Introducing the Buzzbar Virtual Office Package!

Look as amazing as you sound with a custom Zoom background.

Introducing the Buzzbar Virtual Office Package!

With the use of video calls increasing and the lockdown extended, looking and being professional on calls has never been more critical to keeping trust and business going. 

We're introducing the 'Virtual Office Package' from Buzzbar HQ! Your one-stop-shop for making your next Zoom call look as fabulous as you sound. 

A flat background can take as little as an hour but if you need something more bespoke we’ve got you covered too. The package below gets you the works; from a custom background for you to use on all video conference calls to training on how to get the most out of Zoom's features and a lot more besides:

  • A custom Zoom background (static or animated - animated takes around two hours extra)
  • One hour of custom training to install the background which also includes optimising your setup (tech, sound, position, lighting, wardrobe) and best practice on Zoom
  • Technology recommendations to improve your setup customised to your needs
  • A detailed hint/tips guide on becoming a Zoom expert

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Depending on what you want, the package starts at 3-4 hours or £195-260 excluding VAT — expect to add on around two hours if you would like the animated version. 

Whether you speak for a living, or  just adapting to the current way of doing business, looking professional and gaining confidence have never been more important to the bottom line. Book in now with a Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer to make your Zoom's zoom.

Oh and if you need a custom version for multiple employees or departments we can do that too! Book in here and let us know how many and what elements need to change. 

Here are a few examples...

Integrate, a London-based social enterprise agency, chose an animated background for their team:


Here’s an example for the world-renowned confidence expert, Caroline Goyder:


And last but not least, here’s a static version the Buzzbar team uses:

Zoom Screens_Person on right

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