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Lisa (on the right!) hails from the Netherlands but currently resides in North London with a myriad of plants (seriously, every Zoom, a different configuration). Lisa is the latest person to join the ever-growing web development team at Buzzbar headed up by Craig. We asked Lisa some questions so you can get to know who you might be working with at Buzzbar

What attracted you to Buzzbar?
I really liked the look of the website, the way of working transparently and in a young and vibrant company!
Awww. Thanks. Tell the world a bit about yourself! 
I was born in the Netherlands and when I was two years old, my family and I (two older sisters and my parents) moved to Spain, close to Girona. We lived there for four years and then we moved back to the Netherlands when I was six. From then on I lived in the Netherlands (in several places) and in 2017 I moved to London to start a new adventure!
What are you most looking forward to about working at Buzzbar?
Creating cool websites and making clients happy with their product! 
We hired you so obviously you're ridiculously smart but I think I am right in saying that you're super ridiculously smart. Is this right?
HA! I have two bachelors degrees; Educational Therapy and Dutch Sign Language Interpreting and worked in the Netherlands with children who have a language/speech disorder and with that a lot of behavioural problems. This was a really rewarding job and sometimes I miss working with children. How crazy that I'm in Web Design now! Ideally in like 10 years I would love to have a combination of these two passions. 
What's the one thing you are known for as being amazing at by your friends?
Being creative. I am always doing something from baking to DIY, embroidery to painting. I am also pretty good with children (!), my sisters always call me the "baby-whisperer".  
Tell us one thing that nobody knows about you.
I'm a cheese lover. I like eating melted chocolate with cheese (I know, a bit weird), just eating melted cheese, or eating cheese as it is, put cheese in almost every dish, get tagged in cheese posts on facebook by my friends and yeah, I just love it.  Same with a buttery risotto. Fine chopped veggies and a lot of cheese and thyme, yum!
What's your favourite thing to do when you're not coding up a storm?
During lockdown there is not so much to do outside, so at home I like to bake cakes, try new recipes, watch Masterchef, playing (virtual) board games and have a drink with that. 
What's the best bit of advice you ever got and who gave it to you?
When you have a big decision, ensure you have a good night's sleep, then wake up the next day and see it in a different light. Thanks mom.
Finally, and most importantly, the question that defines us all: Beyonce or Taylor Swift?
Is this really a question? Come on, there is only one right answer here: Queen B!

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