Side by side with… Nucoro

Side by side with… Nucoro

Buzzbar’s International Women's Day 2020 series continues with an interview with Melanie Palmer, CMO at Nucoro.

Side by side with… Nucoro

Nucoro is making digital transformation easy. It’s not quite a startup, but it’s still disrupting the fintech scene by making digital transformation more accessible than ever.

By combining agile tech with human expertise, Nucoro build solutions for clients across the banking, insurance, and wealth sectors. We spoke with Nucoro’s CMO, Melanie Palmer, to find out a little bit more.

Where did your big idea come from?

The idea behind Nucoro came from the realisation that financial control empowers people and that, currently, very few people have access to the right financial tools and services. We wanted to make the whole thing easier for people.

How are you changing the world?

By enabling innovation within traditional firms, with huge client bases, so that more people have control over their financial future. Monzo and Revolut are changing the financial services world, but it’s not all about the startup scene.

Great! … so what’s next for you?

Working with even more organisations to help them help their clients!

Past or present, who would you most want to work side by side with?

Jeff Bezos.

Why did you choose Buzzbar?

Ultimate flexibility! We like that we can pick and choose different services depending on when we need them.

What work have you done to date?

We’ve worked together on all sorts, from design and website copy to landing pages, blogs, and social strategy.

Learn more about Nucoro here. To see how we can help you and your business, take a look at our services or speak to a consultant by clicking the button below.

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