Side by side with... Welsh Sisters

Side by side with... Welsh Sisters

A new interview series with inspirational women to celebrate International Women's Day 2020.

Side by side with... Welsh Sisters

Fresh from Welsh Sisters’ double success at The 2020 World Gin Awards — in which their ‘Morwyn’ dry gin took home the award for ‘Best Contemporary Welsh gin’ — we caught up with founder and literal Welsh sister Tania Kenny to talk all things gin.

BB: Who are Welsh Sisters?

TK: “The Welsh Sisters are two sisters who believe in unearthing stories of brave and bold women, and we produce artisanal gin to tell these tales. Our two signature gins — The Captain’s Wife and Morwyn — are made from botanicals that reflect the lives of some extraordinary women.

The Captain’s Wife pays tribute to the Welsh women who spent years sailing the world in the 19th century with their husbands, while our Morwyn dry gin takes its name from the legendary sea goddess from the ancient kingdom of Ceredigion, who loved a fisherman called Rhysen from Cardigan Bay. We thought it was an amazingly rich tale that not everyone would be familiar with, and wanted to put it back in the spotlight a bit.

Outside of our gin, we’re passionate about working for sustainability, conscious living and clean seas — we’re already supporting Whale and Dolphin Conservation with every bottle!


Why did you choose Buzzbar?

We wanted to build our brand in an incremental, economic and knowledgeable way. The team are extremely approachable and open, which is great for us as new entrepreneurs.

That’s awesome! Where did your big idea come from?

We grew up close to the sea and it’s always been part of our lives. But we came to realise that the female experience with the sea had been — for lack of a better word — submerged, so we wanted to use our gin as a way to tell their stories and reclaim that connection between women and the maritime world.

What work have you done to date?

We’ve recently had product photographs taken for our website and will soon be working with the team on our website and social media.

What's next?

After winning at the World Gin Awards at the start of this year, we’d like to take our gin on the road, bring it to events, and show it off to other women. Sisterhood is obviously a huge part of who we are, so we’d love to build a Welsh Sisters community to bring people together and celebrate our connections.

Who would you most want to work side by side with?

TK: Welsh Sisters' ambition is to work side by side with female founders and pioneers in every field. We want to work with everyone from artists and story makers, through to climate campaigners.

Welsh Sisters gin is stocked in Cardiff and across Wales. Learn more about Welsh Sisters here.

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