Side by side with... Ebdon Management!

As lovely as they are talented, Ebdon Management build careers for the brightest new talent in the entertainment industry!

With a successful agency already, Ebdon Management is launching sister specialist brand 'Ebdon Voices'. We sat down with Founder, Hollie for a Buzzbar side-by-side to find out more!

BB: Hollie! Thanks for sitting down with us, even if it is socially distanced over Zoom! For those who don't know you would you like to introduce yourself and the company?

HE: Thanks for having me – yeah sure! Well, Hollie Ebdon and I am a talent agent specialising in comedy. I represent acts for writing and performing across all medias with the aim to guide and support with an emphasis on longevity and creativity. I am the director of Ebdon Management, and we've just launched our sister company Ebdon Voices that specialises in voice work!

BB: Of course, you've got the new sister company that seems to be going from strength to strength already. What sparked the idea for Ebdon Voices to begin with?

HE: It just made sense really. We had already been dealing with a lot of voice acting enquiries through Ebdon Management. And with so many unique and talented clients on our books that we have got work in radio, podcasting, voice over, voice acting it only made sense for us to branch out. It also gives us the opportunity to work with new talent who specialise in voice work.

BB: Ah okay, so it seemed like something that naturally occurred, and was kind of building up for a while? What made you take the jump and say 'lets do it'?

HE: Coronavirus has brought the whole entertainment industry to a standstill- but one area which is really steaming ahead during this time- is voice work. Increasingly our clients are finding success with podcasting and radio so we wanted to start putting commercial and branding opportunities together with the talent!

BB: COVID-19 has obviously impacted the entire world. I guess we're fortunate that we can carry on helping people remotely! Who would you say your audience is?

EH: Casting directors, production companies that are looking for unique voices for adverts, film, TV, radio or podcasting.

BB:  For sure, it's great that the world is carrying on moving in some way right? What was it that attracted you to working with us for Ebdon Voices can we ask?

EH: Buzzbar had created a brilliant website for Ebdon Management, so we wanted to work with them again for Ebdon Voices.  The Buzzbar Team always know exactly what we are looking for when it comes to web design and user experience and make it really easy to communicate ideas and tweak design.

BB: You're too kind! We're just glad we could help – was there anything that surprised you about Buzzbar?

EH: Definitely the quality and thought put into Buzzbar's website design, the turnaround was surprisingly quick for both our Ebdon Management and Ebdon Voices sites. Buzzbar have always been our go to for website development.

The Ebdon Voices website needed certain features that would make it easy for casting directors to browse our clients voice reels and shortlist their choices. Buzzbar knew exactly what we needed. If you want something that looks great, works great with a quick turn around time, they’re your guys!

BB: You're the best! We're proud to have worked with you – we're just glad that we could helped. Moving forward in these times, is there anything our readers could do to help you too?

EH: We have plenty of award winning clients that are streaming their live shows and on platforms such as twitch, youtube, Next up. Go and check them out!

BB: Fantastic, we'll link your site at the bottom so people can peruse your talent to their hearts content! To wrap things up, is there anything that people wouldn't know about Ebdon Management 

EH: That the team is bound together by an all-encompassing sugar and diet coke addiction.

BB: Love it!

As Hollie mentioned, Ebdon Management have such a roster of talent – check them out here. To find out how we can help during these uncertain times or in the coming months book a free consultation to look at your website, social media or general marketing!

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