Side by side with... Riley Studio

With people and planet woven into their very fabric, Riley Studio are the sustainable fashion house helping the NHS move forward during COVID-19.

Responsibility and doing good is at the core of the London-based Riley Studio. We had a short but sweet chat over Zoom to find out what they've been up to in these odd times. 

BB: Olivia, how are we doing? Lovely to have you for a Buzzbar Side-By-Side! To kick things off, do you want to introduce yourself and answer the famous question of "If you could, who would you work Side-By-Side with?"

Olivia: Lovely to talk guys! For sure, I'm Olivia Dowie, the CEO of Riley Studio. I've thought about this and I've got to say Melissa Gates - the X 'find out'.

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BB: Wow fantastic – and we personally love Riley Studio and what you're doing. Where did you get the big idea to begin with?

Olivia: For sure, she's great! And well for us, we saw the devastating waste that came from the fashion industry and we wanted to tackle this by using waste and recycled materials to create our clothes.

BB: Exactly, and we love how you've brought sustainability to London with such amazing pieces. We particularly like the gender-neutral collection and your action against the fast fashion industry. Short and sweet, how would you summarise how you're changing the world. 

Olivia: Hmmm, okay I've got it - We're tackling waste within the fashion industry.

BB: Love it. And we've been very happy to help you on this journey! What is it about Buzzbar that drew you to working with us?

Olivia: No worries! Yeah, Buzzbar helped us with our Facebook Ad creative. You really helped bring our products to life. I love your pay-as-you-go service allowing small brands to be flexible and manage cash flow efficiently. You've got a great team of experienced marketers.

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BB:  Awhhhh Olivia - lovely to hear we could help! And saying that, we hear you've been doing some helping yourself, what have you been up to in lockdown?

Olivia: Aha yeah, we've been so proud to partner with the Emergency Design Network to make scrubs for NHS front line workers. It's just lovely to know we can do our part to help you know. 

BB: What's that saying about 'look good saving the world' – love it! Well it's been a pleasure as always Olivia, I'm sure that as things back to normal we'll be seeing you very soon! All the best and carry on saving the planet!

Olivia: That's us aha! Thanks so much for having me, talk soon and stay safe!


Olivia and their team have brought an amazingly elegant collection to London, it's even better that it's good for the world! Check out their newest line here.

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