Side by side with... Soho Juice Company!

The new drinks on the block, these tasty drinks are setting tongues wagging while quenching thirsts up and down the UK and now around the world!

From a casual note after seeing them in GQ, SohoJuice are winning awards and getting onto supermarket shelves. Steve Moran, cofounder, talks to Buzzbar about the journey so far. 

BB: Hey Steve, congrats on all your success to day! Tell everyone who is reading how are you changing the world. 

SM: One Great Taste award-winning, cucumber juice slinging day at a time! Look, there's enough change going on in the world at the moment but some things are constant, like having a good quality drink. With the UK's first non-carbonated spirit mixer range we're introducing a new way for people to enjoy one of life's small pleasures, a refreshing change from traditional fizzy mixers and tonics. Once you taste them, you'll know the change is coming.

BB: Love it! We couldn't agree more. We're proud to help you! How has coronavirus impacted you and what's next for SohoJuice? 

SM: There's no question Corona has impacted the market over the last few months. One of the advantages of being a startup is an ability to adapt fast. We've introduced direct online sales (free postage on all orders now!) with help from Buzzbar and set up new product production runs which will see us offer new 250ml cans perfect for the soft drink market and eco friendly bottles. It's an exciting time... also, and I can't give too much away here, there may be some new flavour developments too.

BB: We're looking forward to clicking a bottle in person from a safe distance! You've been growing hard for a while but what's one thing you've never told people about you or the brand?

SM: We started with an idea but little to no experience of the market. Johnny and I would take 5am trips to Spitalfields to buy a couple of boxes of cucumbers alongside wholesale trucks buying by the tonne, followed by nightly juicing sessions. Once we stood all day long on the street in the rain by Brick Lane with a makeshift stand and sold one single bottle, and he only bought it because he needed directions.

BB: Now that's the startup life! What work have you done with Buzzbar to date?

SM: We've used Buzzbar to begin learning more about optimising our online sales through social media whilst bars and restaurants are closed. Working together on video has been great for this. We love that, in addition to executing the task we need done, you talk and guide us through each stage so we're also gaining new knowledge about this area of business at the same time.

BB: God bless you. I remember seeing you in GQ and reaching out to say congrats on a great brand. What attracted you to work with Buzzbar? 

The unique pay by the minute set up that convinced us to use you to help achieve our own sales and marketing goals. It's absolutely brilliant for a start-up. You give us access to a level of expertise and guidance and allows us to control the cost in a way that simply is not possible via traditional agency set ups.

BB: *wipes away tear* Awww ,Steve. 

Check out all the flavours here. 'Proudly Still', Soho Juice is available online now and from multiple retailers. The drinks will also be available at Buzzbar Hub when you're having an in-person consultation! 

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